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02 June 2006 @ 09:46 pm
Community meeting  
Community Get together is Next Saturday!
I don't think I told anyone that the SOP party was friday but I might have typed it in wrong somewhere since it's online in a couple of places. I'll check and fix them, in the meantime, adjust your calanders as necessary.

Community Garden is almost done being weeded, we have most of a row to finish, "The Self Proclaimed Jerk" and I (mostly The Jerk) have weeded as many weeds as we can stand to pull in just one day! That's the good news, the bad news is, we also had to replant a couple of things and found out that many of the plants that are supposed to be growing are in fact, not growing. We do have some healthy looking tomatos that need cages, peas that also need something to climb on, and some really good looking Zucchinni. Other than the tomattos, Garlic, Zucchinni, and a couple other things we have less than a 50% turnout rate for the things started in the Garden, all plants started in the green house are doing great at about a 95% rate!

Pictures wont be up for a while on the website, but know that the garden is doing great.

Em, is getting home tomorrow! flying in at: 12:30 Pm!!!!
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