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Living in the Spirit of Peace

the home and dream of many

Spirit of Peace Community
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The Spirit of Peace Community is an intentional living community that focuses on living in a way that emphesises Faith, Justice, Simplicity, and Service.

SOP has two houses within walking distance from Creighton where currently 8 Creighton students with a variety of different majors, backgrounds, and faiths have come together to share, grow, and live in community. By uniting together we strive to live differently and intentionally, living out the pillars of faith, service, justice, simplicity, and community.
The Spirit of Peace Community strives to live simply. We attempt to live within our means by buying what we need and preparing our own food. Conserving water, energy, and by recycling more than we throw away, the community realizes its place and duty to all of creation. By committing to simplicity, Spirit of Peace has incredibly low room and board, only around $250-$300 per month, making it also a very affordable place to live.
The Spirit of Peace Community strives to live for others. By committing to service and through reflection and prayer the community hopes to see all as children of God who require dignity and love.
We are dedicated to each other in community making it an incredibly loving and fun place to live. Living in community has been such a great, accepting place and one of the best experiences of our lives.
If you are looking for a place to live and want to get more out of life and live ‘different’, come and live at the Spirit of Peace Community. We have many spots available, and would love for you to join us!!! To learn more call email: spiritofpeacecommunity@yahoo.com.